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Here is the anime Show/Rpg D. Gray Man
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 Yu kanda's Bio

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PostSubject: Yu kanda's Bio   Yu kanda's Bio I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 2:13 pm

Name: Yu kanda

Age: 18


Height: 5'9

Weight: 134 lbs


Essence:mugen blade

Apperance: human , black cloack

Power: mugen

Side: orders side?

Yu is Kanda's given name, but he dislikes being called that. He calls Allen "beansprout" (モヤシ, moyashi, English Dub: "Short Stack"), because compared to him, Allen is somewhat short and of a slight build, not to mention Kanda is older.

Kanda seems to know Lavi (who even calls Allen "bean sprout" for a while because Kanda does too), though he doesn't hesitate with his usual threats if Lavi calls Kanda by his given name. However, it is clear that Kanda does care for his fellow Exorcists and the Finders (whom he claims not to care about). For example, he saves Allen from an Akuma (despite his own injuries) even though he said earlier that he would not help Allen even if Allen were about to die. He also rescues Gozu, a Finder who accompanies him on several missions.

He masks his emotions and often claims, "It's none of my business." In spite of his intentions, he and Allen are often at each other's throats and rarely see eye-to-eye on anything. He also behaves in an almost friendly manner towards Lenalee. He honors her request that he return alive before his battle with Skin Boric. Later on, during their meditation session he seems to have a certain amount of insight on her character that she is mainly hanging out with him, so she can avoid Malcolm C. Leverrier. However, when he saw that she was feeling depressed he told her that he always thought of her as a "strong woman".

Personality: cold and rude

Occupation: exorsits

Stats: two 50's and the rest 30 or below or three 40's and the rest 25 and below.

Attack: 50
Stanima: 25
Speed: 22
Will: 36
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Yu kanda's Bio
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