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Here is the anime Show/Rpg D. Gray Man
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 Lena lee bio

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Weight: 105

Rank:assistant Head Officer

Essence: her Dark Boots

Apperance:Look at picture

Power:Lenalee's Innocence is a pair of boots known as the "Dark Boots" When invoked, they greatly increase Lenalee's speed and strength, particularly in her legs. The Dark Boots,her anti-akuma weapon, takes the form of a pair of black boots capable of running at high speeds, walking on water, and using sound waves as footholds
Before the Dark Boots are invoked, they resemble a pair of thigh-high boots; when invoked, the top part of her boots seem to unwrap themselves; the boots extend to her knees, and a glowing green strip manifests on her skin, from the toes to the middle of the thigh. Lenalee's new boots take the appearance of high heels.

Side:Black Order

Bio:Lenalee Lee is a very kind 16-year-old Exorcist from China. Her parents were killed by an akuma when she was very young. Due to her ability to use the Innocence, Lenalee Lee was forced to become an Exorcist to use her strength. Because she was separated from her single, remaining family member at a young age, she went insane and had to be restrained due to repeated attempts of escape. When her brother Komui joined the Order, her sanity was restored. She now fights for her brother as well as her friends as she now knows she has a home and family to return to. She has known Kanda since childhood, often running to him for comfort when her brother is busy, and met Allen when he first arrived at the Order, growing a strong attachment to him throughout the series. Her perception of the "world" consists of her friends and family; whenever one of her friends dies, it seems to her as if a part of her world has been destroyed.


Stats: two 50's and the rest 30 or below or three 40's and the rest 25 and below.

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Lena lee bio
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